Whitepath Golf Club

Hole 1. Par 5. 521 yards.  Handicap 4.

1stFairway drops severely off the tee and your approach is uphill. Use your driver to clear the fairway bunker.  Stay left to avoid the water hazard on the right.

Hole 2 . Par 3.  182 yards. Handicap 16.

2ndUse enough club to carry the front bunker.

Hole 3. Par 4.  357 yards.  Handicap 12. 

3rdHigh risk, high reward, best to leave your driver in the bag and lay up with a fairway wood of iron. The green slopes from back to front so keep the ball short of the pin.

Hole 4. Par 4. 402  yards.  Handicap 8.

4thA down hill dogleg left.  Take it down the left side for a good approach to the green.

Hole 5.  Par 4.  285 yards.  Handicap at 18. 

5thShort par 4.  Use a fairway wood or long iron off the tee. The fairway gently slopes up to the green.

Hole 6.  Par 5.  526 yards..  Handicap 6. 

6thUse your driver off the elevated tee and carry it over the left fairway bunker to reach the green in two.

Hole 7.  Par 4.  416 yards.  Handicap 2.

7thA tough dogleg right from an elevated tee box. Use your driver from the blue tees or your 200 yard club from the white tees to carry the fairway bunker.  Stay right to keep it in play.

Hole 8.  Par 3.  175 yards.  Handicap 14.

8th2Avoid hitting it left down a huge slope and be cautious of the cart path on the right.

Hole 9.  Par 4.  425 yards.  Handicap 10. 

9thUse a fairway wood from the white tees. Keep your approach shot short of the pin.  The green has two tiers and takes an extra club if the pin is back.

Hole 10.  Par 5.  531 yards. Handicap 3. 

10thToughest par 5 in Georgia! Keep your driver in the bag.  Most important to keep it in the middle with fairway woods and mid irons. Be happy with bogey.

Hole 11. Par 3. 170 yards. Handicap 15.

11thSteep, downhill. use 1-2 less clubs. Hit it past the pin for an uphill putt.

Hole 12. Par 4. 335 yards. Handicap 11.

12thdescUsually a blind tee shot, hit a fairway wood to keep from reaching the pond. On your approach, use enough club to clear the bunker in front.

Hole 13. Par 4. 270 yards. Handicap 17. 

13thUse your fairway wood or long iron off the tee on the gently up sloping fairway, dogleg right. If the pin is in the back, use enough club on your approach shot to get the ball on the back tier on this two tiered green.

Hole 14. Par 5. 525 yards. Handicap 5.

14thTake a chance and hit it over the left corner with a 3 wood to get to the green in 2  on this high risk, high reward hole. Steep downhill tee shot, aim between the bunker and the trees on the left.

Hole 15. Par 4. 410 yards. Handicap 1.

15thUse your driver from the blue tees to clear the hazard but keep it right to avoid the reachable water on the left. Good luck!

Hole 16. Par 3. 230 yards. Handicap 9.

16thWhat you see is what you get. Hit it straight. Avoid the bunkers, par will be in the bag!

Hole 17. Par 4. 310 yards. Handicap 13.

17thLong hitters can reach the green off the tee if your willing to take a big risky chance on the downhill dogleg right. Best to lay up with a fairway wood or long iron and stay right of the left fairway bunker.

Hole 18. Par 4. 330 yards. Handicap 7.

18thUse your fairway wood or long iron off the tee to avoid hitting it in the water in front, on the left, or long.


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